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A New Round of Good Wishes?

I just got back from visiting Lina at Brigham and Women’s. She was resting while listening to the radio. I fussed in her room a bit, hanging up a nice glass peace sign and her many cards.

However, I was thinking it might be nice to send a new round of good wishes in the form of get-well cards. We could cover her whole wall in cheerful greetings from all of us.

Lina Newhouser
Tower 4C – Room 54
Brigham & Women’s Hospital
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02115

~ thank you,
Leslie (Craig’s sister)


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  1. Marta July 10th, 2008 10:26 pm

    Picking up on Leslie’s good idea….Yesterday I sent off a get well card to Lina with a half a dozen photos I had in my archives of Lina and the girls when they were very young, and one of myself with them, to remind her of her earlier life, and of our wonderful common past. It occurs to me that having photos of loved ones in her life might be a source of comfort and support. Yes, to hang in her room. So I’m suggesting others send cards with photos you have in your collection of yourself and Lina, or those you took with people who have been meaningful to Lina. She will surely recognize these and perhaps draw sustenance from them. Just an idea. Marta

  2. Kathy Brown July 13th, 2008 5:16 pm

    Thanks, Les and then Marta, great ideas! A card is good, cards with photos even better! Lina’s not doing much reading so images will be welcome I’m sure. I will look around among photos and put something together. Thanks for the address, handy to not have to look it up. And now a quote from the movie It’s A Wonderful Life: “Each life touches so many others, we can never know…” Well I know now, after reading many comments here, that Lina’s life has indeed travelled far and touched many.
    (Lina’s sister-in-law)

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