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‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back’

Thursday night –

‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.’ That’s how Lina’s doctor summarized this week.

Last week he had said ‘Two Steps Forward, One Step Back’.

I spoke with him for awhile this afternoon. He says that she has multiple issues going on – none of which are that serious but in combination they are concerned about her condition. He said they consider Lina to be in ‘unstable condition’ today.

They finally put a feeding tube in tonight – down her nose into her stomach.

For the past couple days she has had ‘mental confusion’ which has been pretty obvious to those of us who have spoken via phone. Friday they are going to do a series of brain tests to see what’s going on.

Her back wound – which happened when she fell last Saturday – has gotten worse. They had covered it with gauze using tape that Lina is allergic to. And so the wound grew to the area where the tape had been applied. Because she’s on heavy dosage of steroids (trying to beat back the aGVHD) – the wound isn’t healing. They are worried about infection so they have her wrapped in a body wound thing that they would use on burn patients.

Tomorrow my girls and I will go back to Boston for the weekend.