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Complications: More of the Same

Thursday Night –

Lina is still at Brigham & Women’s hospital and will be at least into next week.

I spoke with her transplant doctor tonight and he told me that his team was ‘perplexed’ at why Lina’s condition hasn’t improved all week. She still can’t eat and is very weak. He said that her ‘chemistry’ i.e. blood counts etc had all been improving over the past week – but not her overall condition. They are going to ‘adjust’ her medications and begin other tests to ‘see if there anything else going on’ besides the aGVHD – which they say seems to be under control.

Tomorrow is Chloe’s last day of classes in her senior year, and Moriah has lacrosse games tomorrow and Saturday. We’ll be in Boston probably Saturday-Monday.

Tonight I tried calling and a confused new patient answered Lina’s phone extension. Turns out they had moved her 6 floors down into a new room – from a ‘regular’ room into the Dana-Farber stem cell transplant unit… you’d think they’d let me know. I tried calling the new room; a nurse told me she was in a deep sleep and had slept all day.

I hope they moved all the great art work our good friend Abigail Norman had put up in her old room.

Lina’s new room:
Tower 4C – Room 54
Brigham & Women’s Hospital
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02115

New Direct Room Phone #: 617-525-7884