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Mom & Mo Home Alone

Last Wednesday, April 16, an exhausted father Craig, and an almost sick daughter Chloe boarded a plane, beginning their 8 day adventure in the deep South making last minute visits to the two schools Chloe had targeted: Savannah College of Art & Design (GA) SCAD, and Ringling College of Art & Design (Sarasota, FL). Craig worried about leaving me alone with Moriah, and organized a league of friends to drive me to appointments, visit on a regular basis to make sure I was doing OK, and to help with some errands like grocery shopping. I did sleep 24/7 for at least the first week we were home after the transplant, so I can understand his concern about me. The title of this post is a little misleading because the response to his request for help was so good.

This past weekend we had overnight guests. Saturday night our friend Becky arrived prepared to cook us a wonderful dinner, and to stay overnight with her daughter Kisa, one of Moriah’s best friends. After our delicious meal all four girls settled in to watch a movie together. Sunday night Lina was joined by friend Hannah for dinner and another overnight stay (complete with movie.) Both of our daughters were spending the night with friends.

Other friends have grocery shopped for me. Others have driven me to doctor’s appointments. The last two appointments proved to be endurance tests… how long can you sit in a hospital waiting room? At both visits it was determined that I needed platelets. They had to be ordered from another hospital in town, and then they needed to be irradiated. About a 2 hour process. Both times my friends serving as chauffeurs opted to go home for a while and pick me up when it was over. Our friends are very generous with their time, and also smart. (What are platelets? irregularly shaped bodies that live in our blood. They provide the necessary proteins, along with other substances, to cause coagulation when bleeding occurs.)

Meanwhile Craig and Chloe are recuperating in the warm sun of Georgia and Florida. Their first destination after flying into Jacksonville, FL was Savannah, GA.-SCAD. They were able to see the school though the eyes of a SCAD student tour guide, but found that it was impossible to just wander around on your own without a student ID. So they went to the SCAD book store, walked around town and went to the beach. You drive 18 miles through marshlands to a long white sand beach, with a lively surf. At this early date in the season, the beach was basically theirs. After two days of this rough life, they drove 7 hours to Sarasota, FL. They walked around town, visited the Ringling Art Museum, as well as the Circus Museum, and scoped out the beach (of course). Today they toured the school. They spent some time at the beach, and lounged around the hotel pool. Tonight they’re going to a Sarasota Reds minor league baseball game. Did I say this was a college tour trip? Chloe has to decide between these two before May 1. But right now, her tan is more important. After all, she’ll have a full week to decide after she gets home.

I can’t wait for them to get back here.