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Archive for July 19th, 2008

Lina’s Gone

In the midst of the thunder & lightning of an unusually wild thunderstorm, at 5:55 PM last evening, Lina stopped breathing.

Seconds later, at 5:57 PM, a very close lightning strike caused our house to lose power  – no lights, no telephone, no internet connection – until the power was restored at dawn this morning. Our cell phones have poor reception at our home so we were only able to make a couple of outgoing calls.

And so…

Our daughters and I lit our house with candlelight as it got dark, and after the storm cleared, the bright light of the huge, low full moon over the ocean out right our windows filled our house. My girls and I spent the evening sitting alone with Lina until the funeral home came to remove her body at 11 PM while I held a flashlight so they could maneuver down the stairs in the dark. Then, Chloe, Moriah and I sat at our kitchen table for most of the night, by candlelight, in shock I suppose, hugging each other and picking out some of our favorite photos which we will be posting here soon.