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‘Touch & Go’ but Cheerful

It’s Thursday morning and, because of Chloe’s high school graduation, we haven’t visited Lina in 10 days. But, in our absence, many of you have traveled to Boston to visit with her and we really appreciate it.

Last night I called Lina’s main Dana-Farber doc, Dr. Armand, for advice on how to report her condition to you all. He said that there’s not much change in the past week. Except… that her back was finally healing; her “gut is quiet”; her diet options have expanded to include eggs, waffles, tuna and coffee. And she is eating some of it — ‘very little’ — but some.

Lina is still being fed intravenously and, still has her 24/7 ‘sitters’ guarding her.

But, as he did last week, Dr. Armand said while there’s been some progress – he didn’t want to make it sound like she was doing well. He said, “Lina’s condition remains very delicate. She’s very weak – she’s touch & go and because of the acute Graft vs Host Disease (aGVHC) she could take a sudden turn for the worse at any moment.”

Lina’s mental confusion remains. But she is still cheerful and having ‘wonderful’ adventures. This week she told me of trips to Italy, Texas and Barcelona. And, of her Ob/Gyn appointment this week in Maine to test for pregnancy – “too bad, it’s a negative,” she said.

Chloe, Moriah and I will again spend Friday-Sunday in Boston.

Chloe’s graduation from Cape Elizabeth High School was last Sunday afternoon. Her grandmother, Evelyn DeLeeuw, and her aunt and uncle, Priscilla and Bob Barrowclough flew up from New Jersey. They rented a car and drove back Monday via Boston to visit Lina and show her the graduation photos. We had a pre-graduation champagne brunch at our house with the DeLeeuw’s and Chloe’s other ‘paternal’ grandmother – my mother Ruth, and my sister Leslie and her family. It was great for Chloe and us.

Chloe has decided to attend the Savannah College of Art & Design – but, with all this going on, will defer for a year – and will plan to start in the fall of 2009. She wants to travel and volunteer. She is hoping to work with Safe Passage ( in Guatemala. And she is excited with her summer job: sewing for Ann Veronica ( here in Cape Elizabeth.

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