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Archive for May 4th, 2008

May..or is it April..or March or perhaps even June?

Last evening around 6:00, Craig woke me to join him and some friends who were coming to cook and eat dinner with us. He reports that in my half sleep/half awake stupor, I asked him if the Easter bunny had come, and had he hidden eggs? Craig gently reminded me that Easter had come and gone, it was 6 PM on a Saturday evening, and that our friends were arriving soon for dinner. It was a wake up call, literally and figuratively. I needed to wake up to greet our friends for the evening, and I needed to awaken again to the reality of every-day life.

I had literally slept April away. We got home from the transplant on April 10. I took a shower, slid into my own pjs and fell into bed. I was consumed by sleep. For day after day after day. When I woke up, I ate, and then back to sleep. Actually it felt like the right thing to do. The stem cells were doing their work. Each of the two camps seemed to embrace each other in the campaign to create my new xy lifestyle. And they needed me to recharge constantly to feed them.