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Boston Dates Confirmed

Our transplant nurse at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) is Toni Dubeau. Yesterday she confirmed that I will be admitted to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston on Friday, March 14. My chemo will start on the 15th for four days, then one day off, and then I will receive my brother’s stem cells on the 20th and perhaps the 21st. The goal for the chemo is to suppress my immune system, making room for Mark’s stem cells to get established. If all goes well, I will hopefully go home that weekend….just in time for Easter. Somehow it seems appropriate.

My donor/brother Mark is flying to Boston from San Francisco tomorrow, to be at DFCI bright and early on Monday, March 10 for tests. He’ll come up to Maine that evening and stay here with us until they need him back at Dana Farber to “harvest” his stem cells, probably on the 19th or 20th.

Craig and I have to go to Boston all day on Wed. March 12 for a “training session” on the transplant, and to sign consent forms. Too bad we can’t just type in the destination and put the car on auto pilot. The pain is alleviated somewhat by the fact that Craig just bought himself a new (used) macho macho Jeep Grand Cherokee 2004, which is a huge improvement over his old 1997 Jeep. So with a great sound system, heated seats, and a powerful engine (at least compared to my Mini-Cooper), he’ll almost have fun driving the 90+miles to Boston and back every week for a while, or perhaps even much more often in the next two-three months.

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Cape High School Artist Chloe Brown Wins Another Gold in Regional Art Competition

from today’s local paper…


By Wendy Keeler

Cape Elizabeth High School senior Chloe Brown has won enough Scholastic Arts awards that she could almost create a sculpture with them – most likely an award-winning sculpture.

The 18-year-old just won a regional Scholastic Arts Gold Key award for a work that features deconstructed and reconstructed ink drawings.”It is two pieces together,” Brown says. “One is an ink drawing, and the other is a dress I constructed out of ink drawings. I cut up the drawings and reconstructed them as a dress.”

Brown felt enormous excitement about winning this year’s award, despite having done so before. Last year she won a Silver Key award in the national competition and two regional Gold Key awards: one for a photographic self portrait and another for a conceptual ceramic sculpture.

“It is a huge honor. Getting an award the second year in a row is great,” Brown said.

It was also a big surprise.

Around the country, schools enter students’ outstanding work into regional competitions, in which work is exhibited and judged. Pieces that win at the regional level move onto the national competition.

In the fall, Brown’s CEHS art teacher, Richard Rothlisberger learned that because Maine College of Art (MECA) in Portland was stepping down from serving as regional sponsor, students would have to enter their work straight into the national competition, which Rothlisberger helped Brown do.

While in Costa Rica during February break, however, Brown learned pieces had in fact been judged regionally, and that her piece will move on to New York for the national competition along with other regional winners in the U.S.

Awards or not, Brown, the daughter of Cape artist Lina Newhouser and Craig Brown, will create art. That’s what she has done since she was a little girl, “and my mom got me into it,” and that’s what she will continue to do. Brown plans to go to art school next year.