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Lina Update: Back Home and Recovering…

Dear family and friends,

Lina came home yesterday after 3 weeks at Brigham & Women’s hospital. She received her stem cell transplant 2 weeks ago today and her blood counts had recovered to the point where they felt it was safe to release her from the bubble in the hospital to the semi-bubble at home. The last couple weeks were pretty rough for her – but it all developed pretty much as the doctors had foretold. On Friday her blood counts started to rise sharply as her stem cell replacements ‘took root’ and started producing.

She’s tired but doing great and happy to be home – and a clean home it is – thanks to the group of friends who spent Saturday helping me and the girls make it as germ/dust free as possible.

She will continue recovering at home for at least the next 3 months as her immune system rebuilds.

She welcomes phone calls, e-mails and visitors (unless you are sick).

We’ll keep you all updated,



PS… Chloe passed her drivers test.

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